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How To Estimates Toll Charges With Google Maps

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In certain countries, including the United States, India, and Indonesia, Google has began rolling out how to estimates toll charges with estimation tool on its Maps app for about 2,000 road lengths.

In April, Google announced the addition of a toll charges estimation function that would allow users to make informed judgments before travelling a specific route in order to save money on transportation costs.

Google has begun rolling out the feature in certain countries, including the United States, India, and Indonesia, as promised. In the next days, it will continue to add new regions.

We’re putting toll prices on Google Maps for the first time to help people decide between toll highways and conventional roads.

Thanks to trusted information from local tolling authorities, you’ll see the expected toll charges to your location before you start travelling.

The ability to display predicted toll charges for a whole route is a key feature in this current upgrade. Google Maps currently alerts users about upcoming toll roads. Google has taken the functionality to the next level by displaying the toll charges.

We consider things like whether you have a toll pass or not, the day of the week, and how much the toll is likely to cost at the time you’ll be crossing it, how to turn off toll roads on google maps,” the Google Maps team explained.

How to Estimates Toll Charges With Google Maps

Toll rates for a certain route will be estimated using the new Google Maps tool. The capability is available on around 2,000 toll roadways in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia, according to the company. The feature is already accessible in the company’s iOS and Android apps, and it plans to expand it to more nations “soon.

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  • This, like most things on Google Maps, is fairly straightforward.
  • Assume you want to travel to Dehradun by car.
  • Simply type your destination into the app on your smartphone.
  • Then select ‘Directions’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Google Maps will show you the path from your current position to the destination.
  • How long it will take you as soon as you do that.
  • Additionally, because the route is displayed on a map, you will now be able to see extra information such as time and toll amount.
  • The fastest and least expensive route will be shown in blue, while the others will be shown in white.
  • The traffic information is displayed first on the bottom information panel, followed by tolls.
  • You can adjust Google Maps’ settings to avoid highways, tolls, ferries, and other things by clicking on ‘Tolls.’
  • All of these options may be turned on or off, and Google Maps will automatically reroute you.
  • Before you start navigating, Google Maps displays all of this information, allowing you to choose the most cost-effective and time-efficient route.
  • Avoiding national highways and toll roads, for example, will save you money but add a few hours to your route.
How-To-Estimates-Toll-Charges-With-Google- Maps (2)

To calculate expected toll fees, Google said it used “reliable information” from local tolling authorities. “We take into account things like whether you have a toll pass or not, the day of the week, and how much the toll is predicted to cost at the time you’ll be crossing it,” Google Maps Team explained.

Users will also be able to examine toll pricing with or without a toll pass (such as FASTag), as toll fees in some areas vary according on the payment method used.

The new functionality calculates the cost of a toll on a given route with and without a toll pass.

In addition, Google Maps will integrate Siri and the Shortcuts app into iOS highlight. After you’ve set up the shortcuts, simply say “Hey Siri, get directions” or “Hey Siri, search in Google Maps” to have immediate access to Google Maps’ useful information or how to turn off toll roads on google maps.

This capability will be available in the coming months, along with improved Siri search functionality later this summer. You’ll need to upgrade Google location Map to the current version to receive the new widget and other features.

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Maps for iPhone will also be updated, allowing users to take use of new iOS features in Maps. The arrival time, next departure, and proposed routes for trips pinned in the “Go Tab” are now displayed on a new home screen widget. Users will be able to read directions and start navigations from their Apple Watch, much as they can on Google’s Watch OS smartwatches.

How-To-Estimates-Toll-Charges-With-Google- Maps


The rates displayed, according to Google, are based on “reliable information from local tolling authorities,” with the overall cost taking into consideration the number of tolls and time of day. While calculating routes, there is also an option to “avoid tolls.”

Google Maps could previously warn users when a route was due for a toll, but it couldn’t calculate the toll. With the most recent version, however, this has changed.

People May Ask

Q- On Google Maps India, how do I view tolls?

A- Users can select the route and avoid tolls alternatives with a simple tap on the three dots in the top right corner of Google Maps. This month, customers will be able to utilize the feature for almost 2,000 toll highways in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia on both iOS and Android devices.

Q- On Google Maps, how can I enable tolls?

A- Choose “Route choices” from the dropdown menu by clicking the three-dot icon in the top right corner. To avoid highways, tolls, or ferries, turn on any of the toggles under the Route choices.

Q- How can I turn on toll-free mode in Google Maps?

A- On Google Maps, always avoid tolls.

  • From the main pane of the Google Maps app, tap the menu button. From the menu, choose Settings.
  • Select Navigation from the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the Route choices area in the Navigation settings box. Toggle the option to avoid tolls on.

Q- What are the Google Maps options?

A- Go to Google Maps Settings by tapping the picture ID icon in the top right corner of the Explore tab and selecting Settings. Find and hit Navigation or Navigation Settings under Settings (Android).

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