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How to find someone’s email on Facebook in 2023

Unlocking the Mystery: Proven Techniques to Find Someone's Email Address on Facebook

Here is How to find someone’s email on Facebook- It is possible to find someone’s email address from their Facebook profile but it can be challenging.

This post will outline different methods for locating someone’s email address on Facebook.

How to find someone’s email on Facebook

Check the “About” Section on Their Profile

On Facebook “About” section of a user’s profile is the first place to look for their email address. This information ought to be available if the person has submitted their email address to their profile. Go to a person’s Facebook profile and click the “About” tab under their profile photo to see the “About” section. Next, navigate to the “Contact Info” column by scrolling down. This information ought to be available if a person has submitted their email address to their profile.

Look for Their Personal Website

Find someone’s email address on Facebook by looking for their personal website. Many people include links to their personal website on their Facebook profile and their website may have contact information such as an email address.

To find their personal website- go to the person’s Facebook profile and look for any links listed under the “About” section. Click on the link to a person’s personal website if it is provided to see if their email address is included.

Search for Their Email Address Using Google

You may try searching for a person’s email address on Google if they haven’t made it public on Facebook. To do this- open Google and enter the subject’s name followed by “email.” Any websites that reference the person’s name and email address will be shown as a result. If you want to get more specific results- you can try adding keywords like “contact,” “reach,” or “email me” to your search.

Use an Email Lookup Tool

Another option to find someone’s email address on Facebook is to use an email lookup tool. You can use a number of web resources to find someone’s email address by entering their name and other identifying details like their location or place of employment. Some popular email lookup tools include, VoilaNorbert, and FindThatLead.

Reach Out to Mutual Connections

You can try contacting the person you’re attempting to contact for help if you have any common ties with them. Inquire if they know the individual’s email address or if they can put you in touch with them. You can also try joining Facebook groups related to the person’s industry or interests to see if you can connect with them there.


Q: Can I find anyone’s email address on Facebook?

A: No, not everyone includes their email address on their Facebook profile. You can use a number of methods to improve your chances of discovering someone’s email address.

Q: Is it ethical to search for someone’s email address on Facebook?

A: It depends on your intentions. If you’re trying to contact someone for legitimate reasons, such as for a job opportunity or networking purposes, then it’s generally considered ethical. To get someone’s email address for spamming or other malevolent purposes, however, would be unethical and maybe against the law.

Q: Can I use Facebook’s search function to find someone’s email address?

A: The search feature on Facebook, however, is made to help you find people on Facebook, not their email addresses. Try searching for the person’s email address using Google or other search engines.

Q: Are there any free email lookup tools?

A: Yes, there are several free email lookup tools available, such as, VoilaNorbert, and FindThatLead. Information provided by these tools may be limited or inaccurate.

Q: Can I use Facebook Messenger to send someone an email?

A: No, Facebook Messenger is a separate messaging system that is not linked to email. You’ll need to get their email address. And use your email provider to deliver the message if you wish to contact someone via email.

Q: Should I message someone on Facebook to ask for their email address?

A: Your relationship with the individual and the reason you need their email address will determine how to proceed. It might be appropriate to get in touch and ask if you have a mutual link and a good cause for needing their email address.


Finding someone’s email address on Facebook can be challenging. But there are several techniques you can use to locate it. By checking the person’s profile- looking for their personal website, searching on Google, using an email lookup tool, and reaching out to mutual connections, you can increase your chances of finding their email address and contacting them directly. Remember to always use the information obtained ethically and for legitimate purposes only.

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