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How to watch Torrent files by Streaming while downloading?

Torrent files- One of the great advantages of this type of Streaming Torrent file is that it allows its users to view its content while it is being downloaded through the corresponding applications. However, before carrying out this type of process, it is recommended to use a VPN, in order to change the IP of the computer.

You should keep in mind that most users who download files from the Internet can receive copyright infringements, so it is always recommended to do all this in a more private way. It is also important to highlight that there is no trick to being able to play the audio or video of these files while they are being downloaded.

This basically happens because the fragments of a much larger file are being downloaded, this means that after a few minutes of the download, a certain number of bits of some fragments will have been downloaded, these are read by some applications correctly, which allows them to convert it into an audio or video format.

This means that said application already has enough fragments to be able to start processing and playing the torrent file while its download is complete.

This method that we are naming is very similar to the one used by some Streaming sites, such as YouTube, where you will have noticed that as the content of the site is downloaded, a status bar will be displayed indicating that amount of content you can watch while it is completed. Something like this is what happens with Torrent files.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that this can be done as long as you are using an application that allows you to do this. Therefore, said app or program must be able to process and play the video and audio while it is being downloaded. According to all this, here we present the best programs so you can start watching your favorite movies and series on Streaming.

List of the best programs, applications and video players to watch Torrent movies and series by streaming

Due to the importance of these types of files in the market, a large number of applications have been created that are capable of reproducing them in order to transmit their content, the vast majority of them are free, while you will also find some paid ones. . That is why, here we are going to show you some of the best applications on the market and which are completely legal to carry out this type of activity.

Each of these applications have been designed for the direct reproduction of Torrent files by Streaming, and which we will show you below.

This is the first application on the list, and one of the most downloaded currently. Kodi is a multimedia player that is gaining strength on the market every day and that has been designed mainly for playing any type of format, including torrent files while they are being downloaded.

Kodi usually expects to obtain a considerable size from the download of the torrent file to be able to start its playback in Streaming, in this way, the movie or series will be transmitted in Torrents while it is finished downloading completely. Something that does not happen in the case of reproductions of other types of formats.

In the case of the Kodi media player, it usually uses addons or complements to be able to find the sources or repositories of the files in other places. Currently, Kodi is one of the most used programs to be able to make this type of reproduction.

This program is an open source project that allows the reproduction of Torrent files, and which has become a very interesting alternative to being able to watch Torrent movies or series in Streaming. Among the main advantages of TorrenTV we find that it can be downloaded for the Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems.

It should be noted that the program’s own multimedia center has a direct playback file. Therefore, you do not have to use external software to be able to do this. In addition, TorrenTV is compatible with Google equipment, such as Chromecast, this gives you the possibility of making direct transfers from TorrenTV to your Smart TV.

Best of all, you will be able to enjoy these contents without the need to download them, to be able to view them in Streaming you simply have to drag it to the Torrent files. All of this makes using this program extremely easy, even for those people who are just entering the world of streaming content.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that TorrenTV can be used as a conventional multimedia player, that is, you can use it daily to play your audio or video without any problem.

Flixtor is another of the open source programs available on the market for playing multimedia files, and which is available for the vast majority of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and even the Android mobile operating system. . Among its most attractive features, its interface stands out, which is quite welcoming and attractive to its users.

One of the advantages that Flixtor offers to each of its users is that it avoids the need to carry out the usual information downloads from the Internet, since it is the same program that is in charge of being able to view all the multimedia content that is linked to the files. Torrenting without the need for third parties. In this way, all the necessary processes end up being carried out by streaming, which saves space on the computer.

You will also be able to find a content search engine within the platform, which will allow you to access those titles that interest you in a much faster way, you can classify it according to genre or category. And finally, we must mention that Flixtor allows the incorporation of subtitles to Torrent videos as long as the content has it added.

Despite being a Web browser, this Browser also has a built-in multimedia player which will allow you to play Torrent movies and series in Streaming while they are being downloaded. A great advantage for all those users who do not want to download any program to their computer to avoid taking up resources on the PC.

In this way, you can simply download and install said browser, which is characterized by being very light, and start using it to carry out this type of reproduction for free. Torch Browser is mainly based on Chromium, which is why both interfaces are very similar.

Therefore, if you are one of the people who constantly downloads torrents, then this browser will be of great help to you as it is basically designed for doing this type of activity. That is why its system incorporates a torrent file download manager and a player. This browser can be downloaded for either the Windows or Mac operating system.

Ace Player HD

Ace Player HD is considered as a modified and updated version of the VLC media player, but which has been specifically created to work with BitTorrent, and it makes use of peerflix technology, which only runs torrent files. Another of the advantages of this program is that it was developed under integration with the Ace Stream Media platform, which is specialized in torrenting streaming content.

However, when you want to install said program, you must keep in mind that this is not a direct installation process as it happens with most programs of this type, therefore, in order to install Ace Player HD you will need to perform these steps:

The first thing will be to download “Ace Stream Media”.

Now start downloading your torrent file from your preferred website.

The next thing will be to find the file already downloaded and drag it to the “Ace Stream” application.

There you will find the “Continue” option which you will have to select, this will allow you to play the torrent file while it is being downloaded.

In the event that you do not want to download to your computer, you can use the “Ace Stream” extension that is available for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In this way you will be able to watch your torrent movies and series in streaming from your browser.

Torrent Live

This is one of the oldest programs on the market, but it has been able to stay on thanks to its excellent services offered to each of its users. Among its main functions we can find that it will allow you to stream any type of series or torrent movie that you download from the Internet.

Torrent Live works with the BitTorrent client base. It will allow you to load the torrent videos to be able to play them without the need for the download to be 100% complete, that is, you will not have to wait a long time to start enjoying the content. Without a doubt, an excellent platform to be able to watch your torrent content in streaming for free.

A program created mainly to become the direct competition of Torrent Time, taking into account that its main function will be the reproduction of torrent series and movies in streaming. Web Torrent, had been raised from the beginning to offer the Popcorn Time video club of pirated movies, which would have led to the reproduction of torrent content from the browser.

However, this program is not only responsible for playing .torrent files, but is also capable of playing music or electronic e-books. Thanks to all the growth that this software has had, it has launched its desktop version which will be available for the Windows operating system.

It will allow you to visit the usual P2P download websites, as well as be able to play any type of torrent content without having to download it.

As for the operation of the program, it is very simple, being able to recognize the magnet links, simply by inserting or uploading the file through the link, the torrent content will start streaming.


A program that is available for the Windows, Mac and Android operating systems, and it is considered the free official client of the “Peer-to-peer” protocol. Among its main features we can find that it is very light, which will not occupy many resources on your computer. In addition, it has a set of very entertaining and attractive functions for its users.

Among its most outstanding functions we find the search engine for Torrents files, a way to facilitate the search for those series or movies that we want to watch in streaming without the need to download them. BitTorrent has RSS technology incorporated, this means that the user is alerted by the program every time a new torrent file appears online, which will allow him to always be aware of all new programming.

As for its downloads, BitTorrent is not only used for downloading torrent series and movies, but you can also download Mp3 music, videos, and any other material that is free of copyright.

Apart from all this, it has an integrated function that will allow you to share each of these files. Lastly, this program will show you a kind of follow-up when you want to download a torrent file, where you will be able to see the loading status bar, the speed, and graphs related to the torrent download.

We can say that uTorrent is one of the BitTorrent clients, and is currently one of the most downloaded by users around the world thanks to its main features. Where we can find that it is a program that has a great download speed, takes up few resources and is very easy to use. All this will allow you to have a very pleasant experience when using uTorrent.

Here we can find basically everything we need when wanting to download any type of torrent file, it offers you maximum download security, as well as very reliable content. In addition, it offers you detailed statistics of the entire process, RSS technology, download scheduler. Shutdown timer, among many other functions.

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