Google issues urgent Gmail scam warning and calls on people to be vigilant

Google issues urgent Gmail scam warning and calls on people to be vigilant. The company has prevented billions of Spam mails from being sent.

After a startlingly high volume of reported scam mails, Google has urgently issued a warning to all Gmail users. The company claims to have prevented billions of unwanted emails in just a few days following the recent spike in frauds, which started around Black Friday last month and have persisted ever since.

Anyone with a Gmail account is subject to the warning, and Google advises users to exercise caution whenever they get new emails in their inbox, particularly those that purport to advertise deals. The caution is even more crucial now that people have finished their holiday shopping, according to the Express.

Google claims to have stopped 231 billion spam and phishing messages from reaching users since the phoney message influx peaked around Black Friday. The business claimed to have blocked 15 billion such scam emails in only one day.

Google has now issued warnings to all Gmail users, urging them to exercise caution when viewing their inboxes. The company claims it is making every effort to stop victims from occurring.

According to a Google spokesperson, these con artists are bothersome and relentless at all times, but their behaviour is more intense during the holiday season. We have a committed group of Googlers that work around the clock to block these unauthorised visitors because of this.

Google has also provided Gmail users with a number of suggestions to improve their safety in the upcoming weeks. The company claims that this action will stop scams around Christmas and offers the following advice:

Gift cards and giveaways

Scammers target giveaways and gift cards as well, creating bogus gift card transactions in emails to entice recipients from purportedly familiar contacts. People are advised to only purchase gift cards through online businesses on websites and not through emails.


Over the holiday season, con artists will target charity in an effort to take advantage of people’s generosity. Here, people need to be cautious of anyone claiming to represent a charity and seeking to be contacted by personal email or for money to be sent to them directly.

Targeted scams

Additionally, specialized schemes are used, focusing on targets’ hobbies to draw them in. Although scam emails may appear more personal in this instance, individuals should be cautious because they will appear to be too good to be true.

Subscription renewals

Due to the time of year when subscriptions are renewed, spoof antivirus emails frequently appear around the holidays, promising users greater security than ever. However, this is a complete fabrication. People should take attention of where the email originated in this case since if it came from the antivirus provider, it was probably a hoax.

Google has added one more piece of guidance to go along with these suggestions. Apply common sense, the business advises. If you have any doubts about a message, don’t open it, and stay away from dubious links and websites that ask for personal information.

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