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How to Fix Android Phone Camera Making Buzzing Noise

How to Fix Android Phone camera making buzzing Noise: Your Android phone camera is not working properly or making a buzzing noise, which irritates you. So, here are all the possible solutions to fix this issue.

Fix Android Phone Camera Making Buzzing Noise

  1. Factory reset your phone
  2. Replace the camera module
  3. Bring a magnet close to your phone camera
  4. Update your Android phone
  5. Boot your phone into safe mode
  6. Make sure your phone camera lens is clean
  7. Tap the camera module
  8. Restart your Android phone

Factory reset your phone

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Click on Backup & reset
  • Again tap on the reset options
  • Now click on Erase all data (Factory Reset)
  • Type the passcode and tap on Reset

Numerous customers have stated that they were able to stop the buzzing sound by performing a factory reset. You are advised to do the first backup because doing so would delete all of your phone’s saved data and settings.

Replace the camera module

As a final resort, you should replace the camera hardware if none of the aforementioned fixes are successful in resolving the problem.

Bring a magnet close to your phone camera

  • Bring a magnet close to your phone’s camera as another way to stop the buzzing sound that it makes.
  • To do this, all you need to do is grab a tiny magnet, place it next to your phone’s rear camera module, wait for a second, and then remove it.
  • Check to see whether the problem has been resolved now.

Update Your Android Phone

The steps to update your Android phone are listed below:

If rebooting the phone didn’t solve the problem, you should download an update. Install the update right away if it’s available to resolve the problem.

Boot your phone into safe mode

When taking images using the default camera app and hearing buzzing sounds from the camera, you should put your smartphone into safe mode and see if the problem is still present.

Safe mode turns off all third-party applications, and while in safe mode, any bugs in those applications that are causing the camera to buzz should be resolved.

Make sure your phone camera lens is clean

This problem on your phone may potentially be brought on by dust particles in the phone’s camera lens. Make sure it is obvious, then. If not, clean it with a soft cotton cloth or similar material.

Tap the camera module

  • Tap the camera module repeatedly if your phone’s camera is still making buzzing noises to fix it.
  • Numerous customers have reported that after doing this, the camera on their phone stopped buzzing, allowing them to focus on the thing.
  • The lens is repositioned when you repeatedly press on the camera module, which helps to solve the problem.
  • However, there is no assurance that it will solve the problem.
  • You can still take the actions listed below to get the same results.
  • Your phone should now be held when the Camera app is closed.
  • Be careful not to contact the phone’s screen with your finger.
  • After that, use your finger to press the camera module.
  • To avoid harming your phone’s camera, tap it firmly yet gently.

Restart your Android phone

Your phone may experience this problem if it has any software flaws or malfunctions. You are advised to first restart your phone for this reason. Simply press and hold the key until the menu appears on the screen to restart it. From there, select the option by tapping. Press and hold the key to switch on your phone once it has been fully shut off.

How to stop the phone camera from shaking

While utilizing the camera, some phones buzz, while others don’t. However, that doesn’t differ from when the camera shakes. Any photograph you took would be useless because of that.

What you can do to stop your phone camera from shaking is as follows:

  • You can update your phone’s software
  • Restart it
  • Do a factory reset
  • Bring a magnet close to the camera module
  • Touch the camera module many times with your finger.
  • You could stop stabilizing your phone’s camera by using the same remedy described in “how to solve phone camera not working and buzzing sound.

Visit the service center if nothing else works.

What to do if the camera is not focusing

The lens may be dusty, malfunctioning or the issue is simply the same as the buzzing sound issue noted before if the focus on a smartphone camera isn’t working. Additionally, it may occasionally be a software problem that is resolved by restarting your phone or updating the operating system.

If your phone camera is merely having trouble focusing and isn’t emitting any strange sounds, the lens is probably dirty. When it generates blurry images or videos or when the focus is off-target, you can quickly tell that.

If so, you might just need to wipe the camera lens before starting over:

Now, the phone camera should focus correctly. If not, we advise you to switch off your phone and give it some time before turning it back on. When the phone experiences brief problems, that usually helps. To rule out the potential that the problem is software-related, you might wish to do a factory reset if that still didn’t solve the problem.

How do I fix my iPhone camera from buzzing?

Use a gentle, slightly moist, lint-free cloth, preferably a lens cloth, to clean the lens on your iPhone.
Take off the phone case to check if it’s still happening.
Start your iPhone up again.
Examine your program for updates.

Why does my phone vibrate when I open the camera?

If the vibration is originating from the camera module, a jammed autofocus mechanism can be to blame.

Why is my phone’s camera not working?

As a result, your phone’s performance will be slowed and other apps, including the Camera app, will stop working properly. You can restore functionality to your Camera by deleting the cache files for the Camera app.

Why is my camera disabled?

Step 1: Press the I button after long pressing the Camera app icon.
Step 2: The App info menu will be displayed.
Step 3: Select Permissions from the menu.
Step 4: Verify that the following menu allows access to the camera, location, and microphone.


It’s amazing how our smartphones have replaced large digital cameras and camcorders, making it simpler to snap photos and films anywhere without having to carry along such heavy equipment. That may sound liberating, but wait until your phone camera starts acting strangely or completely fails. However, you shouldn’t worry because the aforementioned fixes for the buzzing sound and broken camera on phones will assist you.

Unfortunately, going to the service center is the last option if nothing else works. The hardware-related problem with the camera’s focus, noise, or vibration is typically a result of manufacturing flaws. But happily, they can be fixed by a technician.

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